Friday, May 21, 2010

“Saving Our Shared Birds” is the latest effort by Partners in Flight to help species at risk and keep common birds common—our mission since 1990. Partners in Flight achieves success in conserving bird populations in the Western Hemisphere through combining resources of public and private organizations in North and South America.

To celebrate Partners in Flight’s 20th Anniversary, Cornell Lab of Ornithology created a compelling movie highlighting Partners in Flight’s mission and approach. Spectacular bird footage and vocalizations bring the message to life—we must continue to work together to effectively conserve the Western Hemisphere’s amazing and diverse bird life. The video additionally showcases the International Migratory Bird Day 2010 artwork by Robert Petty that illustrates the theme “Power of Partnerships.”

Monday, May 3, 2010

Finca Pangola Update II

GaryMoll the project manager at Finca Pangola has shared some great pictures with us and we wanted to share them with you. Gary a self taught naturalist from Florida, found a Black-throated Trogon Nest. Of the two eggs in the nest, one remained. He also found this Laughing Falcon with a snake in it's grasp! Also check out the Black-and-White Owl that was just outside of the main house.

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Finca Pangola Update

Finca Pangola one of the sites of the Costa Rican Bird Route has been working hard on the creation of their new Rainforest Boardwalk. It will be one of the longest boardwalks in all of Costa Rica. Additionally of note a new species for the site, the Sunbittern has been observed on the site. See the accompanying picture by Pangola Project Director Gary Moll. There are also reports that Green Ibis's are nesting here as well. Look for more updates on the Bird Route sites soon. Visit for more information.