Monday, November 24, 2008

Take Action Against Gold-Mining Project in Costa Rica

Please use the following as a sample letter to send the CEO of Infinito Gold, John Morgan, a letter expressing your concern for the risk their gold-mining project poses to the biodiversity of Costa Rica as well as Nicaragua, including the irrevocable damage it will do to the dwindling population of the Great Green Macaw. Personalized, signed letters sent via the normal mail system have the most impact, but you may opt to send an email as well to

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Infinito Gold
1010-1st Street, SW, Suite 220
Calgary, Alberta

Dear Mr. Morgan:

I am writing to voice my opposition to your mining project in Las Crucitas, Costa Rica and urge you to reconsider the long-term environmental, social and health impacts of this type of project.

In northern Costa Rica, in recent decades deforestation has left less than 30% of the original forest standing. This type of destruction has a global effect, diminishing the Earth’s carbon sequestration capabilities. The local effect has been that wildlife populations are in decline, especially that of the Great Green Macaw. It is estimated that less than 200 individual birds remain in this area of Costa Rica, with less than 30 breeding pairs. Therefore, this region cannot sustain the cutting of an additional 191 hectares that your project is proposing.

Costa Rica is a country that has grown and benefited the most from its tourism industry. The tourism industry is the number one contributor to the Gross National Product, a result of its rich biodiversity and its prior track record of being a conservation-minded country. Your gold-mining project threatens this industry by furthering deforestation; risking the water quality of a major source of livelihood, the San Juan River; and in general by sullying the reputation that Costa Rica has worked hard for in being a conservation leader. This is an age of eco-travel, where people are becoming more conscious of the impact they have through their travel choices. Your project would deliver a major blow to the economy of Costa Rica, and would continue to do so years after the project would be completed and your company has moved on.

I strongly urge you to re-consider the ethics of this open-pit gold mine, and consider more than just the short-term benefits of increased infrastructure. With the current climate issue, we all must look to new and innovative strategies to sustain our economy.


[Your Name]

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Bobbie said...

Thanks for posting this. Canadian mining companies are notorious for their disregard for human rights and the environment. I just returned from a delegation in Ontario where Algonquin people are trying to stop uranium mining.