Thursday, January 22, 2009

Earthquake Rattles the Costa Rican Bird Route

Though less deadly than the 1991 quake, the January 8 earthquake of 6.2 magnitude has tested the Costa Rican government in an emergency situation.

The earthquake hit the mountainous region northwest of San Jose, displacing more than 2,000 people, the number of deaths being estimated at 23. Most fatalities occurred during landslides. The displaced individuals have been sleeping on thin foam mattresses in temporary shelters in churches, schools and tent camps set up in soccer fields.

Much of the devastation has occurred in the northern region of the country where the Costa Rican Bird Route is located. One site in particular has been affected significantly; the main house at the remote site of Albergue el Socorro has been leveled. The owner of Albergue el Socorro has worked tirelessly to develop his site for tourism and had made much progress in the past two years; building cabins, creating trails, and making changes to his operation in order to be more sustainable.

RBG is raising money to help the site of Albergue el Socorro re-build the house they lost. To donate money, please visit this link:

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Lots for sale in Costa Rica said...

That earthquake was terrible, I was there and the people was so scared.