Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Third Annual RBG Bird-a-Thon

What better way to celebrate the birds returning, and the weather getting warm, than by having a big day of birding! Rainforest Biodiversity Group is holding its 3rd Annual Bird-a-Thon fundraiser.

How does the Bird-a-Thon work? Birders volunteer on May 9 to identify (see or hear) as many species of birds during that day as possible. Each birder secures pledges for their individual birding effort. Donors can either pledge a certain amount per bird species seen or heard, or they can simply make a flat donation to support their birder. By donating $0.10/0.25/0.50 (or more!) a bird species, we will be well on our way!

Any donor who contributes a minimum of $50.00 will receive the Bird-a-Thon t-shirt! Each participating birder will also get this free t-shirt!
To participate in this event, as either a birder or a sponsor, please contact Holly Robertson at

Funds raised will go to supporting the Costa Rican Bird Route project. The Costa Rican Bird Route is an eco-tourism initiative designed to give local landowners an incentive to use their land sustainably. Funds raised from the Bird-a-Thon will be used to continue our monitoring and education efforts within the communities of the Bird Route. It is important to be staying in contact with our landowners, providing them support, information, and resources, helping them to better understand what sustainability means for them and the environment.

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