Sunday, February 28, 2010

2009 Christmas Bird Count Wrap-Up

On January 9th, 2010, the Rainforest Biodiversity Group conducted the 2nd annual Maquenque Christmas Bird Count within the Costa Rican Bird Route. This year a total of 16 people counted at 8 sites within the Maquenque Bird Count Circle to find a total of 3,662 individual birds of 241 species.

The top two sites were Bosque Tropical del Toro and Maquenque Eco-lodge, who both had 107 species. Mi Pedacito de Cielo was right behind these two sites with 105 species found. Click here for a complete report including the bird list for the event.

The Maquenque Christmas Bird Count is an important event that Rainforest Biodiversity Group plans to continue each year as part of our bird monitoring efforts within the Costa Rican Bird Route.

If you have an interest in taking part in the next Maquenque Christmas Bird Count, please contact RBG at

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