Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eco-Benin Visit to Costa Rica (Days 6)

Wow. It's day 6 already? The trip is flying by. Nadine already heads back in two days and Maxim in 3.

Today I woke up at 5:30 and went out on to the porch of the rancho that Rainforest Biodiversity Group helped raise funds to reconstruct at Albergue el Socorro after the earthquake a year ago. I laid down on the couch pulled up the covers and awaited the arrival of the mornings birds.

Tucans, kiskadees and Short-billed Pigeons were the first to call. Then as the bushes started to move in the morning rain different birds appeared. Many of them Wisconsin migrants...Black and White Warbler, Baltimore Oriole, Wilson's Warbler, Northern Parula (Im sure Andy Paulios is jealous as this is one of his favorite birds..if I remember correctly). The migrants mixed with the local tanagers; Crimson collared, Silver-throated and Bay headed.

The rain continued throughout the morning and rained out our hike. Instead we lounged around and relaxed in the cool mountain air.

Around 11 we headed down the mountain to Tirimbina Rainforest Center, had lunch and took the world famous Chocolate Tour. We then met with Helen Rodriguez and had some great conversations about getting some things going with Tirimbina in the next few months for the Bird Route.

Max and I now have a bunch to work on! We have mid-term grant reports due ASAP, meeting notes to type, budgets to review etc, etc. To those under mad amounts of least I am in Costa Rica. :). Sorry, had to get that in there.

Oh Maquenque I saw the tail of an Ocelot! Can't believe I forgot to write about that.

Hasta manana.

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Anonymous said...

Northern Parulas are nice...but Magnolia Warblers are the cat's meow.